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Collecting Your Luggage At Orlando International Airport

If you are arriving at Orlando International Airport this has a rather 'strange' luggage system. After clearing US Customs, you will hand your luggage back at the collection area.

For luggage collection, you proceed via an escalator (or lift) to the monorail train which will take you to the main airport area. When you leave the monorail, you'll walk across the airport concourse.

It's worthwhile taking a moment to check out the fountain or Christmas tree in the middle of the airport concourse area, depending on season - both are pretty spectacular!

Follow the signs to Baggage Reclaim (take the escalator on your left down another floor). The baggage reclaim turntables are much the same as at other airports - look for your flight number above the turntables.

There are pre-payment luggage trolleys (similar to those in some supermarkets but with a $2 pre-payment - the machine takes either coins or notes).

There are also porters available at Baggage Reclaim if you need help with your luggage. Your porter will collect your luggage from the reclaim turntable, take this (& you!) to the car rental desk and also to the in-airport car collection area for you or coach stop for off-airport car collection.

You should tip your porter at least $2 for each piece of luggage - if he's been particularly helpful, you may wish to make this more - after all, you might meet him on your return trip!

Make sure that you double check your luggage labels to ensure you have the correct luggage and also that you have the correct number of items - you will probably be tired and it's easy to make mistakes.

In the unfortunate event that you luggage arrives damaged, please ensure that you report this straight away and obtain a report BEFORE YOU LEAVE BAGGAGE RECLAIM - you will need this report for your insurance company.

Once you have identified and collected your luggage you can proceed to car collection or your transfer coach to your car rental company.

Welcome to Florida - you made it and will have a great time!


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