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Orlando International Airport - Arrivals Walk-Through

Here we set out a virtual walk-though of the arrival process at Orlando International Airport.

For international passengers, the immigration and customs facilities take place at the arrival satellite and before you catch the monorail to the main terminal building.

After disembarking from your aircraft you will be required to produce your passports and immigration forms to the INS (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) staff. There is a wide area with desks for individual INS Officers. Make sure you go to the line appropriate to your status i.e have a US passport or have a non US passport. Tip: if you have a non US passport, try and go to the non US passport line immediately next to a US passport line and if there are no US passport holders in their line, the INS Officer may well take non US passport holders in order to try and speed things up.

Next you collect your baggage from the baggage carousel and clear customs - remember to have your white customs form handy and give this to the customs officer upon request.

Next, you replace your luggage on the moving belt where they will be transported to the main terminal building for you.

Take the escalator up to Level 3 and board the monorail train to the main terminal. International passengers may be subject to a security check at this point including having hand baggage x-rayed. The journey to the main terminal is very short and gives you a great view of the aircraft and the airport in general. Tip: try to get to the front of the monorail as they are driverless and being at the front gives the best views.

Once inside the main terminal, proceed to Baggage Claim A or Baggage Claim B as appropriate. This will be dependent on the airline you arrived by and will be clearly signed. Take the stairs, escalator or elevator (lift) down to the Baggage Claim on Level 2. Check the monitors to see which baggage carousel your flight's luggage is arriving on.

If you require car hire then take the elevators down to Level 1 where the car hire desks for all the main car hire companies are located. Most of the rental companies have a car pick up point in the multi-storey car park just over the road from the car rental desks.

Note: these details are current at the time of writing and may change over time. We advise you to check directly with Orlando International Airport to confirm exact details at the time of travel.

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